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疫情下出海 TATA木门底气何在?



Covered by the dark cloud of COVID-19 pandemic, enterprises need resolution, manufacturing advantage and strong economic foundation to go abroad. On November 27, 2020, TATA debuted in the 17th China-ASEAN EXPO among many other well-known enterprises both at home and abroad in Nanning. While attracting foreign investors, TATA was officially launching its oversea market recruiting plan. So, where lies the courage for TATA to march oversea under the COVID-19 pandemic?


超10万平方米实体展、5000多个展位、“云上”参展企业1500多家、数以万计的“云洽谈”…… 第十七届中国—东盟博览会是中国商务部和东盟10国政府经贸主管部门及东盟秘书处共同主办、中国广西壮族自治区人民政府承办的国家级、国际经贸盛会,以展览为中心,开展多领域多层次的交流活动,搭建了中国与东盟交流合作的平台。本届中国—东盟博览会以共建“一带一路”,共兴数字经济为主题,27日开幕当天共组织签订国际、国内投资合作项目86个,总投资额2638.7亿元。选择在这个平台出海,TATA木门需要的不仅是勇气,更是实力。

Over 5,000 stands and showrooms which account for more than 100 million square meters, 1,500 plus cloud-exhibition companies, and hundreds of thousands of cloud conferencing composed the 17th CAEXPO jointly held by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China(MOFCOM), the trade and commercial departments of the 10 ASEAN countries and the ASEAN Secretariat. The CAEXPO, undertaken by the government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, was an international trade and commercial event of national level. It provided a great platform for China and ASEAN to conduct more frequent exchange at multi-levels and in various areas through exhibition. With joint establishment of Belt and Road Initiative and development of digital economy as its theme, the CAEXPO had concluded 86 national and international investment and cooperation projects with total trading volume exceeding 263.86 billion yuan on November 27. That’s why it takes resolution, manufacturing advantage and strong economic foundation to ride on this platform.



TATA’s confidence lies in its solid foundation. Founded in 1999, TATA has become mega-company in the wooden door industry with six major production bases in Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jilin and Jiangsu. The mega-company is in the first rank in production capacity, design, quality, after-sale service and customers’ reputation. During the Double Eleven Shopping Festival of 2020, TATA’s trading volume reached a record high of over 1.023 billion yuan, making it one of the Billion Club. With its simple yet fashionable design and considerate service, TATA has won the honor of “China’s Top Ten Wooden Door Brands”, “China’s Top 100 Home Furnishing Industry Brands” and “China’s Home Furnishing Industry Leading Brands”. On April 20, 2019, TATA was granted the tittle of “Famous Trademark” by Harbin Municipality.



The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has shown us that it is essential to choose a reliable partner, and that’s why more and more people decided to join TATA. With drastic increase of franchisees, TATA launched the “One-thousand-partner Recruiting Plan”promptly to seek outstanding partners of the same value in an open, inclusive and flexible way. Rather, TATA introduces diversified forms of franchising and multiple supporting policies to give franchisees a leg-up to enable and empower them in a replicable and profitable way by providing best store-location, favorable policies and considerate service.

疫情下出海,TATA木门的底气还在于海外市场的口碑积累。从2007年开始,TATA木门相继与德国奔驰汽车厂、“印度新德里Day&night ”公司开展战略合作,开展“马来西亚工会公租房”、“伊拉克海外代表”等海外项目,并在2017年签约国际乒联,拿下连续四年的世乒赛官方赞助权。此外,TATA木门还开启了澳大利亚、欧洲及北美3个市场的商标注册、专利申请等工作,为落地国际市场做足准备。

The courage also lies in its hard-won reputation of oversea market. In 2007, TATA had cooperated with well-known automobile company Mercedes-Benzes of Germany; then, TATA turned to seek strategic cooperation with Day&Night, a company in New Delhi of India, then followed by becoming the wooden door supplier for public rental housing of Malaysia Labor Union. TATA also engaged in projects such as “Iraq Foreign Proxy” and became the officially-designated sponsor for World Table Tennis Championships for four successive years. Beside, TATA has started to apply for trademark and patent in Australia, Europe and North America to prepare for the landing on foreign market.


The year 2020 is the one that sweeps away many unqualified companies in the market, and also the one that brings about huge opportunities for people and enterprises who dare to innovate and do practice. TATA has always stuck to the principle of “satisfying the closes so as to attract people from afar”, as we believe that more people will come only when each partner grows better. Zhangyan, vice president of TATA, has told the reporter from Beijing Business Today that with the launch of the TATA Foreign Recruitment Initiative 2020, TATA would provide multi-dimentional supporting policies for its partners, including foreign proxy company and individual, foreign purchasing agent and domestic trade and commercial partner, and project contractor and decoration company. In this way, we wish more people with the same goal and value can join us. With the spirit of dedication, profession and perseverance, we will make better doors, and serve more people.


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